Family, Community Hold Demonstration and Caravan Demanding Justice in Death of 22-Year-Old

Las Vegas (KSNV) — Friday night, a Las Vegas family continued its plea for justice in the death of Lesly Palacio.

The 22-year-old’s body was found more than a week after she was reported missing and two suspects are still on the loose.

That cruise started out at the Las Vegas welcome sign and led family and friends of Palacio to a courthouse downtown where they hope the suspects will be caught and tried soon.

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The family’s attorney Ofelia Markarian says the more time passes, the more difficult it is for there to be any closure.

“It is really important that we do not forget their faces, we don’t forget Lesly Palacio,” said Markarian.

Signs were decorated with messages of “Justice for Lesly” and “Have you seen them?” leaving a reminder that the sad story of her death is still not over.

“We’re actively looking for them,” said Markarian. “Every second that they’re on the streets they pose a threat to the community.”

It’s been more 16 days since Palacio’s body was found near Valley of Fire State Park and several weeks since she was last seen at the Longhorn Hotel and casino along with a male companion.

The family attorney saying the pain of losing Lesly deepens each day for her family.

“Lesly was a young, beautiful, ambitious girl,” said Markarian.

So family and friends decorated their cars and brought signs near the Las Vegas welcome sign to let everyone know their message.

“We’re trying to get awareness from tourists,” said Markarian. “We know a lot of tourists come to the Las Vegas sign so we want them to see our signs. We want them to the suspect’s names and their faces so if maybe they notice them in their hometowns.”

The suspects on the run are 25-year-old Erick Rangel-Ibarra, who is facing open murder charges, as well as 45-year-old Antonio Rangel, who is facing charges of harboring a felony offender.

“We are actively seeking to apprehend them and get them in custody as soon as possible,” said Markarian.

After a few hours, the group headed downtown with their message visible for everyone to see along the way.

“We’re going to cruise down to a courthouse because that’s where they’ll be served with justice,” said Markarian.

She says they are not sure where the two suspects are, whether in town or possibly outside the country.

But they’re hoping someone will provide answers soon.