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It only takes one mistake to end up on the wrong side of the criminal justice system. If it happens to you, remember that even people accused of a crime have rights under the U.S. Constitution, including the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. Your best chance of obtaining the most favorable outcome is to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

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Criminal Defense Matters We Handle

A conviction for driving under the influence can have serious consequences, including suspension of your driving privileges. We are knowledgeable in all the legal defenses against DUI and are prepared to fight to reduce your charges.
Theft offenses can range from more minor, such as shoplifting and writing a bad check, to major felonies, like auto theft, art theft, burglary, and stealing from casinos. The potential penalties for these offenses will depend on the value of the property that was allegedly stolen and the circumstances of the crime, including if a weapon was used or if anyone was harmed.
Our firm handles a wide variety of drug offenses, including possession, sale, distribution, trafficking, and more. Prosecutors often come down hard on drug related matters, which is why we work diligently to defend your rights.
Though Nevada does have legal, licensed, and regulated brothels in certain counties, prostitution and soliciting a prostitute remain illegal in Clark County. This includes escort services, illegal services at massage parlors, and soliciting a sex worker on the street.
When a family argument escalates, if someone calls the police, you could end up in jail for a minimum of 12 hours on domestic violence charges. Police officers do not necessarily need a warrant to make an arrest. Nevada does not allow a reduced sentence for domestic violence offenses if you plead guilty or no contest. As such, it is critical to have proven Henderson criminal defense lawyer on your side.
Although the terms are often heard together, assault and battery are two different crimes. Assault is unlawfully attempting to use physical force against another person, or intentionally causing another person to fear immediate bodily harm. Battery, on the other hand, is the unlawful and willful use of force or violence against another person. Severity of the charges and the penalties upon conviction can depend on the circumstances and the legal defenses your attorney presents.
The state of Nevada does not require individuals to hold a permit in order to own or possess a firearm, yet under certain circumstances, it is still illegal to do so. If you are a minor, a fugitive, have been convicted of a felony, are addicted to drugs, are illegally living in the U.S., or have been committed to a mental health facility, you are not allowed to own a firearm under state law. Further, certain dangerous weapons are illegal to carry under any circumstances. These include blackjacks, brass knuckles, billy clubs and batons, nunchucks, throwing stars, explosive devices, silencers, machine guns, machetes, and most knives.
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ClientWhen you need to rebuild your life, Ofelia Markarian Law Group is here to help. We'll fight tooth and nail to get you the justice you deserve.

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Ms. Markarian has the legal skills and talent to provide effective defense against all felony and misdemeanor charges. We handle a wide range of criminal matters with the goal of protecting your fights, future, and freedom, standing by your side throughout the entirety of your case. We will also make sure you understand your options, explaining your case in plain English, not legalese, and ensuring that we are communicating with you every step of the way.

If you find yourself in trouble with the law, call Ofelia Markarian Law Group, PLLC at (725) 999-4050. Our focus is on ensuring your side of the story is told in order to reduce or eliminate the consequences you are facing, whenever possible

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“ClientWhen you need to rebuild your life, Ofelia Markarian Law Group is here to help. We’ll fight tooth and nail to get you the justice you deserve..”

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